'simulacra' (2018)

~~~ simulacra, the EP ~~~

out now.

the new world collage. existing somewhere between projected self, commodity, animal & fantasy. welcome. this project was produced, written & performed by STARA.

***track list

1) Mirrors & Masks

2) Overtake

3) The Real

4) In Your Mind's

5) Matrix of Fantasy.


the track list translates the essence of simulacra to me: Mirrors & masks overtake the real in your mind's matrix of fantasy.





mirrors & masks


round & round

the illusion

we can't stop chasing./*_

./*_living in a state of reverie, lost in a fantasy, a daydream painted by you & me. transformed into a simulation, replaced by representations & symbols. a paradoxical haze that conditions you & me./*_

when i'm all alone at home and get to play my EP xtra loud./*_

'Simulacra & Simulation' is my fave postmodern treatise from old m8, Jean Baudrillard. I was first introduced to his ideas during Year 12, when creating my Extension 2 major work. It eventually inspired the core essence of the self-reflective themes, hybrid writing style & experimental formatting containing my major work. Even though I was told I'd either flop hard or come out on top given how many risks I was taking, I didn't mind. I had connected way too much with my project to consider something 'safer.' Anyway, it did pay off in the end. I probably used the same ideas found in my major work in around 50% of my uni assignments lololol oops.

I had to carry my take on Simulacra into art. The moment I started making music, I wanted my first EP to embody the surreal ideas I became so attached to in high school. Although my connection to Simulacra has changed and expanded overtime, given the growth of my own self-identifying perspectives, beliefs & priorities, creating this EP over the last year became that much more meaningful to me.

I have a clear vision and purpose for the STARA project - what it sounds like, what it looks like and the complex narratives that live deep within it.


This is 100% me & it's felt so invigorating to finally share the challenging truths, tales & silenced thoughts that engulf my brain in the realm of simulacra./*_


~ "The most unique thing you'll hear. It's not often an artist leaves you stunned and speechless" (Purple Sneakers).


~ "STARA is one to watch this year" (Complex).


~ "Her self-directed visuals stunningly build on complex narratives and themes" (DJaneMag).


~ "Intense. brooding and totally lasting...there's so many layers to this project that you could experience it any number of times and still find new ways to understand it with each listen" (Pretty Broad). 


~ "This eye-opening project was solely produced, written, performed and directed by STARA herself...it's one hell of a debut you need to check out" (Vegan Community).


~ Splashing some melanin magic..." (Brown Girl Gang)


STARA, 2019. All rights reserved.

Can't believe I finally get to type this after months behind the scenes. Soooo stoked to present the SIMULACRA USA WEST COAST TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just landed in the States, so I'm flippin excited to meet so many wonderful humans & consumer every burrito I encounter.

These shows are gonna be nothing short of wild & everything I have in me. HUUUGE thank you to my beautiful management team at Arrow Music Agency for making this happen & of course these fab venues for booking ya gal.

Come hang with mehhh for super cool nights of super cool music, super cool moves & super cool humans. 











2.5 min recap of my 2.5 tour in the states. 

[try not to blink]

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